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Quality of submission and lack of ‘readiness’ are major reasons why aviation business applications fail.
Your application could experience delays of up to 25 weeks in extreme cases, or, be refused.
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What are the key reasons for quality of submission delays or refusals?

Not submitting the correct documentation

Not submitting ‘operation ready’ documents

Using someone else’s manual to save time and their procedures do not suit operation

Thinking you can ‘update’ or provide further details to CASA as they assess your application

What are the key reasons for operation ready delays or refusal decisions?

Not purchasing systems outlined in your procedures (i.e. Air Maestro)

Not setting up or populating the systems with data to use

Not establishing the relationships and contracts with risk assessments to operate

Key personnel not knowing their roles and lack of evidence that staff have been trained

Is my application ready?

When you submit your application, you must be ready to start operations on the same day